****AnNa BaNaNa BaNd****  
The BEST punky rock band for children!

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Anna Banana's 
Our CD is listed as one of the
Other artists listed include Bob Marley and
Johnny Cash...
We fit right in, don't we? Word up to your mum!
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Anna Banana's band is one of the
TOP 5 Big Apple Kids Bands 
according to MommyPoppins
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"A punky rock band just for children, 
Anna Banana Band is packed full of great fun songs for your children to dance around to. Songs with fun lyrics and a good beat, this is perfect for tots who love to boogie." 
-Mindful Mums

Buy our album now! A fun collection of 13 amazing songs, Anna Banana Band will get the whole family moving and singing along!

Anna Banana is a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist who has toured and recorded with several NYC-based rock bands.
Upon joining
David Weinstone (as seen on Nickelodeon's 'Noggin') and his official Music for Aardvarks 
touring band in 2006 as bassist and
back-up vocalist, she knew that she had found her calling---kids music! Anna has written and composed a number of songs and
continues to play music for all ages to enjoy.